Accreditation preparation

The service: Whether it’s for Accreditation Canada, CARF or another governing body, every accreditation process has specific requirements for your information technology system and case records that Coyote can help you to meet. We assess your preparedness for the accreditation process, advise on best practices, and review your system, privacy and records standards. Our information evaluation and planning services will help you to assess the effectiveness of your current efforts, and build a plan and put systems in place that will easily be accredited.

The result: As a business systems company, we know the best practices that you need to adopt in order to meet accreditation standards for your record keeping, case management and financial practices. You will receive an audit report outlining every area and detail that needs your attention as you prepare for your accreditation. Having this kind of external evaluation of your programs and processes can make all the difference in your bid to gain accreditation for your agency.