Agency intranet and portal development

The service: If your information is currently recorded and stored in multiple ways, places and formats – on paper and in databases and notes and word processing documents and spreadsheets and emails and blogs – then you’ll be attracted to the concept behind this service: the creation of one single, central repository for absolutely everything in your agency. Imagine having every type of form, document, policy and procedure, HR policy, manual, procedure and protocol all stored centrally and accessible by everyone on your team. Coyote can create such a portal or intranet for you: we’ll help you assess what can go into it, and provide the tools to build it and share it.

The result: With a central portal as your shared repository for every type of information that you may need, your agency will gain two crucial benefits: first, a much simpler and faster way to access all of the information that your team members rely upon daily, and second, a new and very effective way to collaborate. This type of portal serves not only as a place to put previously scattered information within easy reach, but also to encourage and facilitate communication within your agency.