If your agency is required to submit addictions-related DATIS reports to CAMH, you’ll save time and avoid duplicate data entry with our custom DATIS interface.

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If your agency provides addictions-related services and already uses CaseWORKS, Coyote Software’s full-fledged case management system, you’ll be happy to learn that with CW|DATIS, you can now also capture all required DATIS (Drug and Alcohol Treatment Information System) information as part of your regular admissions process.

And if you’re still not using CaseWORKS, this DATIS Interface is just one more good reason for you to switch systems now.  Why have one database for your regular admissions and program data, and another one just for DATIS data entry?  With CaseWORKS as your comprehensive caseload management system, there’s no more need to enter your DATIS information separately.



All DATIS data is captured

With CW|DATIS, all data fields that are required by the DATIS system become part of the CaseWORKS database and admissions process, including basic information like first and last name, date of birth and primary address, as well as all of the more than 50 additional DATIS-required fields such as marital status, legal status, presenting problems, substance abuse issues, hospitalizations and so on.  And if the service is flagged as gambling-specific counselling, an additional set of another 50+ questions specifically related to gambling are added to the interview process.  All within your regular agency system, CaseWORKS.   And all incorporated into your regular day-to-day workflow.

Automated DATIS report submissions

Not only do you save time by avoiding duplicate data entry, but you gain additional time and convenience because our CaseWORKS DATIS Interface also submits your DATIS reports to CAMH directly and automatically.  There’s no need for you to schedule or configure your reports manually – CaseWORKS does the reporting work for you, behind the scenes and during off-hours when Internet traffic is at its lowest.  As a result, your time is saved, submission delays are minimized, and bottlenecks during popular upload times are avoided.

Secure data transfer

CW|DATIS submits your data to CAMH via secure web services, using SSL certificate passwords to ensure that your information stays secure and confidential during the transfer from your system to the Ministry’s.

Incorporate DATIS data into a full-fledged caseload management system

Switching to CaseWORKS doesn’t just give you the advantage of more convenient DATIS data collection and reporting.  With it, your agency moves up to a whole new level of efficient case management automation, one that includes the ability to maintain comprehensive client and case records, manage both individuals and groups, schedule service events, book appointments, track enrolment in multiple programs, access case-related documentation, be prompted by built-in workflow rules and client alerts, share case information with authorized users across multiple locations, create all manner of information-rich forms and reports, and so much more.

Even if your initial reason for switching to CaseWORKS is just for the added convenience offered by our new DATIS Interface, you’ll be amazed at how many other benefits the full CaseWORKS system will bring to your agency and to each of your team members’ workflows.


Our approach to software implementation

Even great software won’t improve your agency’s workflow if your workers don’t use it. Once our system is ready for you, our Implementation Division takes over to make sure that your agency is ready for it. Here are some of the steps we take to ensure that your staff is up and running with their Coyote software as quickly and painlessly as possible:

Implementation Toolkit

We use a comprehensive document mapping process for every step of your software implementation, from project kick-off to go-live.

“6 Steps to Success”

Coyote’s tried and true process for successfully implementing software.

Dedicated Project Managers

We assign Implementation Managers to work directly with your agency, ensuring that all aspects of the rollout are properly planned, communicated and executed.

State of the Art Training

Coyote has a variety of training methods that can be customized to fit your agency’s unique educational needs. They include: Train the Trainer, End User Training, Forms Training, Reporting Courses, and Basic Windows Navigation.

On-Site Go Live Support

We don’t just install your system and disappear before you go live.  We will be on site at this most critical time to troubleshoot and to help your staff adjust to their new software.

Full Documentation

We provide comprehensive, easy to follow Users Guides for all of our software.

Ongoing Support 

Coyote Software Corporation has a team of helpful, dedicated support specialists waiting to assist you by phone or email.