The intelligent e-Form for streamlined, off-site interRAI CHA data collection

CW|interRAI CHA is an intelligent and integrated electronic form developed especially for Community Support Services agencies to collect, validate and submit their interRAI CHA data.

With its built-in workflow rules and its secure check-out/check-in capabilities, the CW|interRAI CHA module lets your caregivers record their Community Health Assessment data off-site in a way that’s more convenient than paper, faster than static computer forms, and more portable than systems that require an Internet connection.

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At the heart of this robust interRAI CHA tool is an intelligent and interactive e-form technology that not only records your data in the correct form fields, but also reacts to your input by activating all appropriate “next step” workflow rules that are required as a result of the data that you’ve entered. Combined with the streamlined appearance of the form itself, this interface makes the InterRAI CHA process more efficient and easy to complete than any other method or system.

And because your community care workers don’t always have access to the Internet when they’re collecting interRAI CHA data, CaseWORKS interRAI CHA lets them work offline by “checking out” a client’s CHA record at your agency, taking it off-site for completion at the client’s home, and then checking the completed form back in to your system when they next connect to the office.

Once the data is collected, CaseWORKS interRAI CHA also takes care of all necessary validations and approvals, and then handles the Integrated Assessment Record submission automatically.  The tool also has a variety of built-in and customizable reports to help you glean the insights from all of your data-gathering efforts.

With CW|interRAI CHA, InterRAI CHA form completion becomes a time-saving, worry free process that minimizes the effort required and maximizes the capabilities of InterRAI CHA to truly assess the value and improve the effectiveness of the services that you provide.


A streamlined data entry process

CW|interRAI CHA is an intelligent e-form that saves you time by pre-populating fields whenever possible, pulling relevant data from your master client database so that you don’t have to re-enter the information that’s already in the system. The more CHA forms you fill out, the more of a time-saving this represents.

Check-out/check-in capabilities for offline form completion

Because InterRAI CHA forms sometimes need to be filled out in remote locations, we knew that it would limit CW|interRAI CHA’ usefulness if we made it completely dependent on an Internet connection. Instead, we built it to operate in a way that’s analogous to a library system, where you can “check out” a CHA form from your agency’s centralized database and bring it, securely encrypted on your laptop or portable device, to the client’s home for completion. It remains the primary “master copy” until you return to the office and check the now-completed form back in to your system. If anyone at your agency tries to access that form while it’s on your portable computer, they are immediately notified that it has been checked out, to prevent any data entry duplication errors.

Built-in workflow rules for task management and approvals

Our system automatically handles all the workflow issues that arise from the InterRAI CHA form. Because it “knows” all of the Ministry’s rules and requirements, it automatically assigns whatever tasks and action plans are needed as a result of the answers entered on the form. What’s more, it manages those tasks for you with timely prompts and alerts, so you and your team don’t have to remember everything yourselves. And if a specified task is not done on time, it automatically triggers a notification to the supervisor in charge.

A more streamlined version of the InterRAI CHA form

While maintaining the same content and order of all questions, the on-screen appearance of the CW|interRAI CHA form is actually more user-friendly than the original paper InterRAI CHA form. Because of the efficiencies inherent in our software applications, and our expertise at forms development, we were able to streamline the form to improve efficiency, and thereby reduce the amount of time required to do the data input.

Handy explanations of form fields and terms

With a form as extensive as the InterRAI CHA, there are bound to be some terms and choices that will be unfamiliar to your staff or clients. That’s why we added handy text explanations for them, right in the CW|interRAI CHA form. This saves time by eliminating the need to go to another document or location to look up definitions of the fields in question.

Intelligent form handling and real-time data validation

CW|interRAI CHA does validation checks on each and every field, so you never have to worry about missing any crucial data. Pre-validating the records before they’re submitted to the IAR ensures that each completed form is completely CCIM-compliant.

Built-in logic for required fields and follow-ups

Included in the e-form’s intelligence is the ability to identify which fields and sections of the InterRAI CHA form are required, and which answers will need to be followed up by an assigned staff member. When certain answers preclude other choices in subsequent fields, those choices are made unavailable automatically

Ability to define your own additional workflow rules

In addition to the workflow rules that are already built-in to comply with Ministry requirements, you also have the ability to add additional workflow rules into your CW|interRAI CHA system. This customization feature lets you identify additional fields that you want the system to check and notify you about.

Why duplicate records and double your data entry time? With CW|interRAI CHA, you can pull data from fields in your Single Master Person Index straight into your InterRAI CHA form, and push changes in a client’s details back into your Common Data Set from the InterRAI CHA data that you’ve collected. No need for double-entry into two completely separate systems.

Full confidentiality and consent management

The collection, storage and transmission of your clients’ data are all handled in a way that fully respects and protects their privacy, security and confidentiality. The system ensures that all necessary steps are taken to obtain informed consent, and follows a clear Consent Management process to ensure both PHIPA compliance and client confidence.

Single-click switching from English to French

Both English and French versions of the InterRAI CHA questions are built into the system, and you can switch from one language to the other with a simple mouse-click.

Seamless submissions to the IAR

Once all fields are completed and validated, submission of the data to IAR is a seamless, behind-the-scenes process that you don’t even see or have to worry about. Submissions are timed to occur on a regular basis and can be scheduled for off-hours when online traffic is low and bandwidth is ample.

Fully integrated into CaseWORKS

The beauty of using CW|interRAI CHA as part of the CaseWORKS caseload management system is that the InterRAI CHA data is completely integrated with your overall system, rather than being kept as a disjointed additional database. In addition to minimizing data entry duplication, this integration also allows you to combine InterRAI CHA with your Common Data Set and CaseWORKS client data to gain a much more holistic clinical overview of your clients, and much better outcome measurement capabilities.

Signatures and a complete audit trail

Whether they modify it or just look at it, CW|interRAI CHA tracks every person’s activities on each and every form, so you have a complete audit trail at your disposal whenever the need arises. It also tracks all electronic signatures made on a record, whether it’s for entries, edits or verifications.

Insights into the effectiveness of your programs

Through its intelligent data collection and streamlined workflow, CW|interRAI CHA keeps the focus of the InterRAI CHA form on its main role, namely, as an assessment tool to improve the effectiveness of your programs and services. It’s the best and most reliable way to minimize the bureaucracy and maximize the insights, for the health and wellbeing of the clients in your care.

A company with a long-term commitment to Ontario health care

Coyote Software has been providing technology solutions to Ontario health and service organizations since 1992. We are committed to keeping our systems current with all of the data and security requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Health, now and as they evolve in the future. In addition to being the best InterRAI CHA tool available today, you can be confident that your CW|interRAI CHA software will also remain up to date with any changes that are introduced to the Ministry’s assessment mandates in the years to come.

Coyote’s interRAI CHA interface is available in two versions – either as an add-on module to our CaseWORKS caseload management system, or as a stand-alone application for those agencies who are not currently using CaseWORKS.




Our approach to software implementation

Even great software won’t improve your agency’s workflow if your workers don’t use it. Once our system is ready for you, our Implementation Division takes over to make sure that your agency is ready for it. Here are some of the steps we take to ensure that your staff is up and running with their Coyote software as quickly and painlessly as possible:

Implementation Toolkit

We use a comprehensive document mapping process for every step of your software implementation, from project kick-off to go-live.

“6 Steps to Success”

Coyote’s tried and true process for successfully implementing software.

Dedicated Project Managers

We assign Implementation Managers to work directly with your agency, ensuring that all aspects of the rollout are properly planned, communicated and executed.

State of the Art Training

Coyote has a variety of training methods that can be customized to fit your agency’s unique educational needs. They include: Train the Trainer, End User Training, Forms Training, Reporting Courses, and Basic Windows Navigation.

On-Site Go Live Support

We don’t just install your system and disappear before you go live.  We will be on site at this most critical time to troubleshoot and to help your staff adjust to their new software.

Full Documentation

We provide comprehensive, easy to follow Users Guides for all of our software.

Ongoing Support 

Coyote Software Corporation has a team of helpful, dedicated support specialists waiting to assist you by phone or email.