Managing a complex caseload has many unique challenges, and its automation requires – and deserves – a dedicated system that helps you meet those challenges. Coyote CaseWORKS is a caseload management software solution built specifically for caseworkers and their agencies.

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If you’re still using a combination of forms, files, calendars, memos, messages, non-integrated and inefficient databases, spreadsheets and word processors to manage your agency’s caseload, it’s probably because you’ve never found a software system that can handle all of the multifaceted details of your daily workflow.

Introducing CaseWORKS, an enterprise-level database management system that was designed specifically for caseload management. From the ground up, it was written with the intent of supporting all of a caseworker’s workflow and information needs. It supports the complex multi-program, multi-disciplinary nature of the services that you offer.

In fact, CaseWORKS doesn’t just automate caseload management, it also simplifies it along the way. The true value of a great caseload management system is in its ability to not only support your agency’s essential work processes, but in fact to streamline them.

How? By understanding how health and social service professionals provide service, and what they need at their fingertips to be able to do their job more effectively. CaseWORKS introduces improvements to your agency’s information access and flow that often reduce the number of steps required to collect, store and share case-related information.

Information at your fingertips is information that you’re not wasting time searching for, requesting, printing out, duplicating ... or lamenting having misplaced. The result? Less forms to fill out, less paper to chase, less missing information, and more time for your frontline staff to do what they do best – more and better service delivery.


Tailor-made for caseworkers.

A custom system for managing complex caseloads, CaseWORKS allows you to track all notes, documents, and forms related to a case. We recognize that caseworkers take a holistic approach to their services, and that they consider many different types of information to be crucial for their work.

Consequently, CaseWORKS is built to be able to record and deal with additional information about the client, including his or her associations, programs, groups and community initiatives. It maintains client alerts, keeps track of aliases, gives special attention to service events, tracks programs, and provides plenty of customizable reporting capabilities to allow caseworkers to keep on top of all the details of a case.

Web-based and easy to learn and use.

CaseWORKS is a Web-based application that runs from within your web browser. Its easy access and familiarity make it easy to learn and use. Furthermore, the CaseWORKS dashboards have a look and feel similar to Microsoft Outlook©.

Scalable for both large and small organizations.

CaseWORKS enterprise-level architecture can address all of your multi-site and multi-program requirements. It can share information in real time among all of your agency’s sites, and it supports both Regional and Provincial IT initiatives.


While many aspects of casework are common to all health and social service settings, it’s also true that no two agencies are exactly alike. Each has its unique information needs, and its unique workflow. With its user-definable fields, customizable dashboards and eForms capabilities, CaseWORKS can be tailored to record and report information exactly the way your organization needs it to. And its flexible Scheduler can be adapted for either centralized or direct worker appointment management – whichever fits your agency’s workflow best.

Completely secure and accountable.

CaseWORKS was built with the understanding that from initial referral to case closing, your data must be absolutely confidential, secure, and auditable. CaseWORKS requires access through a secure browser connection, allows multiple levels of information security, records an audit trail for all user actions, and authenticates documents with digital signatures.

Streamlines information management.

A CaseWORKS implementation includes a complete workflow analysis of your agency. Invariably, the process of automating caseload management results in the identification of areas where processes can be simplified, consolidated, combined, streamlined. Paper generation is reduced, and new workflows are established that better support efficient caseload management and service delivery throughout your organization.

Information at your fingertips.

The CaseWORKS system integrates scheduling and case recording on a single screen. Its dashboard approach accommodates the workflows of intake workers, caseworkers, supervisors and managers. Each worker dashboard presents caseload, appointments, documents and tasks, all within easy reach. Drive directly from the dashboard to any case file and document, and from any appointment to its corresponding workload, attendance, progress notes/documentation, and billing details.

Complies with all relevant standards.

CaseWORKS allows your agency to comply fully with the minimal and common data sets and reporting requirements required by your funders (MIS/CDS). It includes the key nomenclatures for diagnosis, problem, and service identification (OCAN, DSMIV, ICD10, ICD9, MIS reporting, and CCI standards). It also provides HL7 interfaces, and facilitates your agency’s compliance with privacy and security standards.

Maintains a comprehensive, paperless and complete case record.

CaseWORKS handles everything that an agency does with a case, recording all the types of information that you need to manage a complex caseload. Electronic and scanned document capabilities allow you to have one place to view a comprehensive electronic case record.

Helps your agency to run more efficiently.

Track agency workload through the service event module. Manage complex billing through payor contract profiles. Access key statistics about your agency and programs through built-in reports. CaseWORKS’ ad hoc report generation also allows you to track all of your outcomes and costs, and to perform analyses on any activities at your agency. With the knowledge gained, you can implement informed changes that will improve the effectiveness of your team, your programs and your services.


Benefits for: Caseworkers and Intake Staff

Client and Case Management

Maintain comprehensive client and case records

  • Track all details, notes, documents, and forms related to a case.
  • Enter all client information in one central location – no copying and pasting necessary.
  • Work with all client modalities: individuals, couples, families, groups, community initiatives.
  • Use Associations to group clients and record all relationships, no matter how complex.
  • Maintain unlimited client alerts.
  • Merge duplicate client records.
  • Validate records of returning clients and adjust validation rules as required.

Manage complex caseloads

  • Enroll individuals, couples, families and groups into programs.
  • Use the dashboard to access your caseload, appointments, documents, notes, and tasks.
  • Apply documents to the case – upload & attach templates, forms, eForms, Word documents.

Streamline and customize the intake process

  • Use the Intake dashboard to handle scheduling by day or week.
  • Access client registration during intake process.
  • Track referrals.
  • Begin intake process with a search for existing client record.
  • Use Intake Wizard to record client details, contacts, payers, staff, notes, additional comments.
  • Automatically place new registrants on waitlists.
  • Adjust initial phone intake data at client’s first in-person visit.

Record and access all program information

  • Streamline the process of enrolling clients into programs.
  • Quickly create new programs – no additional software coding required.
  • Configure each phase for each program.

Scheduling and Event Management

Schedule all appointments with ease

  • Use the Scheduler to coordinate all appointments.
  • Assign different styles of appointments for clients, groups, staff.
  • Schedule resources as well as appointments.
  • Use the built-in notification system to remind you like a memo of important appointments.

Manage complex waitlists

  • Add clients to waitlists.
  • Move clients to different waitlist phases.
  • Take them off the waitlist when assigned to a caseworker.

Track service events & workloads

  • Track caseworkers’ workloads through the Service Event module.
  • Compare against defined standards and benchmarks.

Manage billing details

  • Manage complex billing through payer contract profiles.
  • Keep track of which service events are billable.
  • Always bill the appropriate amount or percentage.
  • Use the system’s timekeeping capabilities to accurately clock all billable services.
  • Consolidate billing details and outstanding balances across all enrollments.
  • Report effectively to your funders on all required outcomes and statistics.
  • Combine statistical information for government and 3rd party payers.

Forms and Document Management

Access information instantly

  • Look up all details of an appointment, a case, or a client from one central screen.
  • Search for data by client or by case.
  • Search ID numbers, aliases, other numbers; use Soundex searches to find sound-alike names.
  • Drive directly from the dashboard to access case files and documents.
  • Record each appointment’s corresponding workload, attendance, progress notes, and billing.
  • Access colleagues’ documents online – no more hunting for folders on everyone’s desks.
  • Drill down from any area to access information in any other area within the system.

Create user-defined fields

  • Expand the system’s data capacities by creating your own user-defined fields.
  • Add user-defined fields at different levels of the database: client, payer, staff, or enrollment.
  • Create additional program-specific user-defined fields.
  • Format new fields as drop-down lists, calendars, text areas, or check boxes.

Generate information-rich reports

  • Use the extensive built-in reports for effective case management and program planning.
  • Export your reports to PDF and Excel formats for easy sharing and analysis.
  • Create ad hoc reports to further define your information needs.
  • Use the powerful eForms module to design custom, data-aware forms.

Comply with all crucial standards

  • Comply with the minimal and common data sets and reporting requirements of your funders.
  • Adhere to MIS/CDS reporting compliance.
  • Use HL7 interfaces to interface with other systems.


Benefits for: Managers and Supervisors

Monitor your caseworkers effectively

  • Access all workers’ caseloads through the Administrator dashboard.
  • View details of caseworkers’ cases, schedules, service events, and daily worksheet.

Customize the system to fit the service pathway of your organization

  • Configure all dashboards to reflect the way your team wants to record and report information.
  • Use the Scheduler for either centralized or direct worker appointment management.
  • Create all the reports and forms your agency needs.
  • Change the system’s terminology and labels on the fly.

Maintain complete data confidentiality and security

  • Rest assured that every data retrieval and transaction is logged.
  • Run an audit trail to see exactly who tried to access any piece of information.
  • Designate any client, name or alias as confidential to exclude it from searches.
  • Authenticate documents with digital signatures.

Simplify and improve the workflow of every member of your team

  • Use the occasion of automating your agency to analyze and streamline all workflows.
  • Use the dashboards to access custom screens, all with a Microsoft Outlook look and feel.
  • Count on CaseWORKS’ browser-based familiarity to get everyone up and running quickly.
  • Reduce the number of standard forms required to collect all necessary information.

Install and implement CaseWORKS centrally

  • Simplify implementation with CaseWORKS’ central server install process.

Use one web-based system for all of your sites

  • Work from anywhere, anytime from a secure web browser.
  • Access and share case data among workers at all of your agency’s locations.
  • Enjoy a real-time, secure and encrypted connection to all your sites.
  • Manage the caseloads of as few or as many locations as desired.
  • Deploy, update, and manage security easily from central location.


Client Registration

The entry point of every client into the CaseWORKS system, Client Registration is the program’s robust Master Person Index – a holistic, “enter only once” repository of all key client information, including demographics and associations. It lets you identify individuals by their roles, change those roles easily, and add your own user-defined fields.

Program Enrollment

In program-based care settings, enrollment is where a case really begins. The Program Enrollment module lets you create cases and manage admissions. You can enrol clients, couples, families and groups to any programs that you define. Create as many program profiles as you need, and specify each one’s phases, priorities, schedules, problem profile issues, diagnoses and treatment plans. You can also track their demographics and clinical information, and manage their wait lists. All program data is integrated seamlessly with your other client and service event information, which simplifies the enrollment process and eliminates the need for any duplicate data entry.


Possibly the clearest indication that CaseWORKS “gets” what program enrollment is all about is the way it facilitates the handling of groups. No need to enter an appointment, program enrollment or service event twenty times for a group of twenty clients – simply enter appointments, program enrollments and service events once for an entire group, and this module automatically adds all of the details to each individual’s file, including his/her appointments, service types, document templates, staff and schedule.  Administer the group from a single location by marking attendance, writing progress notes, and creating service events for all clients involved in the group..


Scheduler is the system’s versatile appointment book that simplifies the scheduling of different types of services for both clients and groups. It features a convenient calendar-like interface, offers flexible searching and reporting options, and allows you to collect all relevant data elements related to each appointment, such as meeting attendance, service events and pertinent documentation. Scheduler puts the entire system’s wealth of information directly in front of you for quick and easy matching of client needs with available programs and resources.

Service Event Recording

Whether your focus is on workload measurement, accurate billing or funder accountability, you need a reliable way to record all of the varied services and administrative tasks that your caseworkers perform day after day. The Service Event Recording module gives you plenty of flexibility to record your staff’s activities in whatever amount of detail you need, and to report accurately on all of the outcomes, statistics and management insights that such tracking reveals.

FormWORKS (eForms)

FormWORKS converts all of your paper-based forms into data-aware electronic forms, incorporating the data that they collect into the CaseWORKS database in ways that plain text fields simply cannot. You can design highly customized forms for very specific programs and purposes, build sophisticated workflow rules and approval processes right into your forms, and use the data collected to conduct intelligent statistical analysis of your agency’s activities and effectiveness. Complete details on this powerful module can be found here.


If you’re an organization that bills for any of your services, you’ll appreciate the many ways that our optional Billing module assists you. It can handle both client (fee for service) billing and payer-side (3rd party, insurance, EAP, government-sponsored) billing, as well as complex split-fee and multiple-payer arrangements. It also generates invoices and tracks receivables. The Billing module draws upon Scheduler and Client Registration details to generate all of the claims, reports and invoices you need to ensure that you always receive accurate and timely payments from the appropriate sources for every billable service.


You require reports for many different purposes, and CaseWORKS delivers. Its reporting capabilties include a range of extremely powerful pre-built reports with extensive drill-down features.  You can also add new user-defined and FormWORKS fields, and create customized reports using tools like SQL Reporting Services

System Administration

CaseWORKS offers a very configurable and extendable administrative component that enables you to modify many aspects of your system without the need for additional programming. Add multiple sites, create new programs, redesign program phases, create new forms, add user-defined fields – you’ll find plenty of configuration, security, audit, workflow engine, approval engine and alerts engine tools to help you tailor your system to your changing needs.


Main CaseWORKS Dashboard
Main CASEWORKS Dashboard
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Document Management Dashboard
Document Management Dashboard
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Our approach to software implementation

Even great software won’t improve your agency’s workflow if your workers don’t use it. Once our system is ready for you, our Implementation Division takes over to make sure that your agency is ready for it. Here are some of the steps we take to ensure that your staff is up and running with their Coyote software as quickly and painlessly as possible:

Implementation Toolkit

We use a comprehensive document mapping process for every step of your software implementation, from project kick-off to go-live.

“6 Steps to Success”

Coyote’s tried and true process for successfully implementing software.

Dedicated Project Managers

We assign Implementation Managers to work directly with your agency, ensuring that all aspects of the rollout are properly planned, communicated and executed.

State of the Art Training

Coyote has a variety of training methods that can be customized to fit your agency’s unique educational needs. They include: Train the Trainer, End User Training, Forms Training, Reporting Courses, and Basic Windows Navigation.

On-Site Go Live Support

We don’t just install your system and disappear before you go live.  We will be on site at this most critical time to troubleshoot and to help your staff adjust to their new software.

Full Documentation

We provide comprehensive, easy to follow Users Guides for all of our software.

Ongoing Support 

Coyote Software Corporation has a team of helpful, dedicated support specialists waiting to assist you by phone or email.