Our software “gets it” because we start by listening.

Coyote Software Corporation specializes in providing software solutions to service-oriented workplaces. We offer a full range of software development, business consulting and systems integration services tailored to the unique needs of the following industries: health and social services, the green industry, and a broad range of service-industry sectors including retail, transportation logistics, waste management, and museums.

Software solutions that transform workplaces

Our primary goal is to deliver software solutions that transform the way that people do their work. We bring together the right combination of deep expertise, software, and services to help our clients achieve the outcomes and results that they desire.  What sets us apart is our ability to provide intelligent business analysis and deliver superior software solutions.  Solutions that help people from varying walks of life perform their daily tasks better, more easily, more effectively. Solutions that evolve the business intelligence and best-practices required to make better business decisions.  Solutions that transform workplaces.

Customized solutions to meet specific needs

Every workplace is different.  Each has its own unique history and people, products, services, business processes, and workflows.  How could one generic software system fit every business? When companies and organizations hire Coyote Software Corporation, they are not just choosing software.  They’re choosing a team that listens first, and then custom-tailors and integrates solutions that best meet their needs.

What drives us

In software development as in any other craft, excellence is fuelled by passion. Ours is helping people to work better. It's going into a workplace, studying it until we completely understand it in all of its complexities, and then tailoring the ideal software system for that particular organization – one that integrates all of its processes, streamlines all of its workflows, and improves both the efficiency and the effectiveness of everyone who uses it.

Coyote Software’s divisions.

Coyote operates three divisions, each of which focuses on a different market sector  Follow these links to find out more about our work in:

Heath and Social Services
The Green Industry
Custom Business Solutions