Record and retrieve any type of information about any type of event, quickly and easily.

Coyote EventWORKS is the program that captures all relevant details of every single event that you deem important in your agency’s daily activities. Whether you operate a crisis line, an inbound call centre, a residential facility or any other kind of activity that requires intake records or involves regular service events, your ability to record those events will be greatly enhanced with EventWORKS’ many time-saving features and benefits.

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The beauty of EventWORKS’ setup is that it gives your organization an event log that’s different from, but connected to, your core client records.  It’s a new addition to your CaseWORKS (or other) system – a special area where you can go to quickly see all of the details about every event that needs to be tracked in your agency, whether you need to track your events for caregiving, referral, safety, funding or other purposes.

Event-recording becomes easy when you can define all of the fields that you want to capture, quickly search on any of those fields, create your own custom views, connect each event to single or multiple client records, share event details among stakeholders across an agency, and create custom event reports for managers and funders.

To see the full list of advantages that EventWORKS brings to your team, click the Features & Benefits tabs.


Keep thorough event records

You decide what details to capture about any event. This could include:

  • Person’s name (including anonymous, or pseudonyms, or existing clients)
  • Date and time of the event (interaction/call/service/etc.)
  • Duration of the event
  • Details of the conversation, interaction or service provided
  • Referral information
  • Need to notify others about this event
  • Alerts

Add user-defined fields

In addition to the built-in data fields that come with EventWORKS, you can also add your own custom fields, in order to track event-specific or agency-specific details that you define yourself. User-defined fields can be added to the program in a variety of formats, including drop-down, date, checkbox, or text box.

Accept pseudonyms

For situations where confidentiality is required, you can also record an event participant’s name using a pseudonym. If the person’s identity is disclosed later on, you can link any and all pseudonyms to his/her client record at any point.

Link to client information

Though events are recorded separately from your client records, you can link each event to a client in your system, and also to an enrollment in a program. This allows you to tie together all manner of disparate events to the bigger store of information that’s already in your system, making valuable connections in service-related data that might otherwise be missed.

Track any kind of event

For example:

  • Services provided
  • Critical incidents
  • Client complaints
  • Anonymous calls
  • Repeat calls
  • Walk-in visits

Record service events for all participants of a group event at once

With EventWORKS, there’s no need to enter each person’s service record manually: you can record service events for all the clients that attended a session with just one entry. Simply enter it once, and it automatically adds that service event record to each individual client’s own profile.

Do searches quickly

The search function in EventWORKS makes it easy for you to look up any detail of past events quickly. Especially in emergency situations, the ability to retrieve and review a client or event record quickly, without disrupting a call or visit that’s in progress, can significantly and positively impact the outcome of that interaction. Whether or not it’s a crisis situation, you’ll appreciate the ease with which information can be found within your event records.

Create your own views

You can set your own views of the data in EventWORKS, thereby allowing you to customize your screen to best accommodate your own workflow. The goal is to put everything relevant at your fingertips, and with custom views, you decide what’s relevant for you.

Set and get Alerts

EventWORKS also lets you add Alerts to the information that you record, so that those who follow up with further care or service are immediately notified of any special circumstances related to that person.

Reduce risk

The importance of having thorough event logs is especially crucial with risky clients and crisis situations, where keeping track of who called, what was said, whether they came in, what happened and what needs to happen next can make a huge difference in preventing harm and providing appropriate care. With EventWORKS, no detail needs to ever slip through the cracks, and no client is lost in the shuffle. With an event log, you can always learn what happened and do a proper follow up.

Keep good audit trails

The fact that EventWORKS creates a complete audit trail for every event is another valuable benefit from a risk-reducing perspective. It allows you to keep records on everything that has happened, and track such details of an event as whether or not something has been read.

Generate event-related reports

Since EventWORKS creates a time record, you can show your funders or other stakeholders exactly how your agency’s time has been spent. Make custom reports to summarize such statistics as the number of events you've had, the number of hours of service you’ve provided over a given period of time, and much, much more.

Record referral information as well

You can also refer clients to other programs, or to other caseworkers within your own agency, and get them connected with internal programs, all within the EventWORKS interface. That’s the value of having an event log that’s connected to your broader agency database.

Keep your managers informed

EventWORKS is great for managers who are responsible for an event-related program. You can read the event records anytime, monitor what's happening and stay on top of any staff-related issues that need to be addressed. Look up an event record, see the people that are being served, and get background information about how they found your agency, why they called, who recommended them and what the issues are.

Share event-related information

Having an event log makes it easier for your entire team to support clients across the agency. Your ability to provide 24/7 support is greatly enhanced when people in different shifts, or different physical locations, can all access the same event information that relates to the services they are providing to their clients.

EventWORKS is also available as a stand-alone application, for those agencies who are not currently using CaseWORKS.  Please contact us to inquire about purchasing the stand-alone version for your organization.




Our approach to software implementation

Even great software won’t improve your agency’s workflow if your workers don’t use it. Once our system is ready for you, our Implementation Division takes over to make sure that your agency is ready for it. Here are some of the steps we take to ensure that your staff is up and running with their Coyote software as quickly and painlessly as possible:

Implementation Toolkit

We use a comprehensive document mapping process for every step of your software implementation, from project kick-off to go-live.

“6 Steps to Success”

Coyote’s tried and true process for successfully implementing software.

Dedicated Project Managers

We assign Implementation Managers to work directly with your agency, ensuring that all aspects of the rollout are properly planned, communicated and executed.

State of the Art Training

Coyote has a variety of training methods that can be customized to fit your agency’s unique educational needs. They include: Train the Trainer, End User Training, Forms Training, Reporting Courses, and Basic Windows Navigation.

On-Site Go Live Support

We don’t just install your system and disappear before you go live.  We will be on site at this most critical time to troubleshoot and to help your staff adjust to their new software.

Full Documentation

We provide comprehensive, easy to follow Users Guides for all of our software.

Ongoing Support 

Coyote Software Corporation has a team of helpful, dedicated support specialists waiting to assist you by phone or email.