Program evaluation and planning

The service: Every agency can benefit from a periodic evaluation of its programs. But not every agency knows how best to evaluate them, or has the tools in place to facilitate such a process. Our program evaluation and planning service gives you the ability to measure your outcomes, and modify your data collection and reporting, to enable you to obtain realistic measurements of your progress. We’ll recommend evaluation tools – such as electronic forms for capturing client satisfaction surveys and other types of outcomes – and bring in clinical program planning experts as resources to help you decide what’s working and what to change.

The result: This service is the first step in building a culture of ongoing decision support within your organization. You will gain a much better idea of the effectiveness of your programs, as well as the tools to make future evaluations much easier to conduct. Our assessment and recommendations will ensure that your agency will henceforth be well equipped to measure client satisfaction, problem severity changes over time, goal attainment, outcomes, and the overall effectiveness of each of your core services.