Records management and privacy assessment

The service: A crucial subset of your document management strategy, the way that you manage your case records is a key factor in your organization’s efficiency and secure operation. Most agencies have historical case records dating back for many decades, often stored on paper in boxes and closets and entire storage rooms, usually neither adequately secure nor easily accessible. Coyote’s records management and privacy assessment service is designed to help you clear the clutter and liberate your data by formulating a proactive strategy for dealing with all past, current and future case records. We review all aspects of your operations that touch upon your records management system, including storage, accessibility, photocopying policies, shredding practices, filing and numbering systems, and privacy concerns.

The result: The outcome of our records management and privacy assessment review will be:

  1. a list of concrete recommendations for controlling and consolidating your entire backlog of paper records;
  2. a frank assessment of your current privacy and confidentiality issues and corresponding solutions;
  3. a plan for eliminating all historical paper records in favour of an electronic document environment with one common repository and viewer for every record that your agency has and will produce.