Coyote Software Excited to Implement CaseWORKS with Banyan

Coyote Software Corporation is excited to announce a new CaseWORKS implementation project with Banyan. Banyan, a not-for-profit organization providing services in youth justice, children and seniors/adults with disabilities, sought a robust case management solution to simplify the process of collecting data and generating statistical reports while improving how client information is collected and tracked.

Banyan recently completed their accreditation with the Canadian Centre for Accreditation and implementing a client information system was highly recommended. They approached Coyote Software to learn more about CaseWORKS.

Banyan needed a solution that could improve the reporting and tracking metrics as well as reduce the data capture time while better serving the clients in their care. “During the demo, our team was drawn to the look and feel of CaseWORKS as well as the ease and flow of capturing data for the clients” – Chris Joudrey IT Systems Administrator Banyan.


Case Management Solutions

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“We are excited about the entire program” Across the board, leveraging the functionality of CaseWORKS will bring about positive improvements to data collection, statistical reporting and the visibility of the client progress within all programs.

Coyote Software has been working with agencies across the health and social service sectors to help with the same issues: an over-reliance on spreadsheets and paper files, decentralized reporting processes, complex billing scenarios not tied to case files, challenges connecting client services with reporting and coordinating service delivery.

“Agencies are approaching us because they want to find more efficient ways to serve their clients. We’ve been able to help through integrating all the necessary components of service delivery under one system, CaseWORKS.” – George Evink, Product Development Manager, Coyote Software Corporation.

Coyote Software developed CaseWORKS to help organizations deal with the complexities of case management in health and social service scenarios when there are multiple funders, multi-service scenarios or large volumes of clients.

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 About Banyan:

Banyan is a not-for-profit organization that serves three sectors:  youth in conflict with the law, children and seniors/adults with disabilities.  Since 1978, an integral part of our service portfolio has been youth justice.  The organization operates two secure custody/detention centres, Arrell Youth Centre (AYC) and Peninsula Youth Centre (PYC), as well as an open-custody/detention centre, George R. Force (GRF).

Banyan has developed a strong infrastructure to support high-risk youth who have been placed by the court into our secure and open facilities. Specialized programs and services offer youth new learning opportunities to increase their skills and abilities, improve and change negative behaviour, increase youth engagement with supports and decrease re-offending to ensure public safety.  Banyan promotes the successful reintegration of youth back into their communities.  The program’s staff, including a team of clinicians, work closely with the youth; mentoring and caring for them with the utmost respect and dignity.

About Coyote Software Corporation:

Coyote Software Corporation specializes in providing software solutions to health and social service organizations. We offer a full range of software development, business consulting and systems integration services tailored to the unique needs of organizations supporting communities through the delivery of health and social services.

Reduce the number of steps required to collect, store and share information.

Less time recording data means more time for your front-line staff to do what they do best – more and better service delivery. 

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