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CaseWORKS Integrated Caseload Management Software is a web-based solution designed to support the data collection and reporting needs of caseworkers and organizations providing case management support. Quickly and easily track any information including: services and program enrollments, case notes, documents, intake forms, associations, alerts and more.

Build Comprehensive Client Records

CaseWORKS has the flexibility to track any details unique to your organization. Build complete records for all clients across all programs and services ensuring seamless assistance.

“With CaseWORKS we’re able to make sure that the data being entered is more complete, which is what we need to be able to report accurately to our various funders and Ministries.”

Norman Clarke

Native Child and Family Services of Toronto

Save Time Reporting

Quickly pull data for any funder, grant or stakeholder report.

Simplify Scheduling

Easily create, review and modify staff and client schedules for quick matching of client needs with available programs.

Protect Your Data

Ensure client records are secure and only accessible to relevant case workers and staff.

Track Everything

Build comprehensive case files for each client and their unique pathway through your services and support programs.

Program Enrollment

Build complete client records including all program enrollment information.

Client & 3rd Party Billing

Manage complex billing for clients and 3rd party payers.

Easy Scheduling

Quickly schedule and manage all appointments for clients, groups and staff.

User Permissions

Generate custom user permissions and security protocol to protect client data.

Client Alerts

Create custom alerts and notifications for clients and staff.

Web Based

Work anywhere, anytime from a secure web browser.

Service Coordination through CaseWORKS

The CaseWORKS Service Coordination module connects agencies across an entire community through one referral point.

This approach to managing referrals helps to streamline access to care and compliments more integrated case management systems.

  • Reduce Wait Times
  • Simplify Registration
  • Prevent Duplication of Services
  • Improve Communication Between Service Providers

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Communities We Serve

Coyote Software specializes in providing software solutions to health and social service organizations. We currently support organizations in the following sectors:


  • Adult and Children's Mental Health
  • Adult and Children's Developmental Services
  • Child Welfare
  • Partner Abuse and Assault Services
  • Violence Against Women and Women's Shelters
  • Family Counselling
  • Adult Addictions
  • Corrections and Probation
  • Inpatient Mental Health and Addictions
  • Immigrant and Settlement Services
  • Seniors Mental Health and at Home Services

Hear how Coyote’s Integrated Case Management Solutions Have Been Implemented

Reduce the number of steps required to collect, store and share information.

Less time recording data means more time for your front-line staff to do what they do best – more and better service delivery. Contact us for more information about CaseWORKS, or to book a demonstration for your agency.