CMHA Manitoba and Winnipeg Implementing CaseWORKS with Coyote Software

Coyote Software Corporation is excited to announce a CaseWORKS implementation project with Canadian Mental Health Association, Manitoba and Winnipeg (CHMA MW). CMHA MW manages multiple programs supporting the mental health of Manitobans and needed to find a system to consolidate all of their case management and data collection requirements in one place. After a thorough investigation they have selected CaseWORKS as the solution to best meet their needs. CaseWORKS was developoed by Coyote Software to help organizations deal with the complexities of case management in health and social service scenarios, specifically when there are multiple funders, multiple programs or large volumes of clients.

CaseWORKS was recommended to CMHA MW from long-time Coyote partners and CaseWORKS users since 2005, CMHA Waterloo Wellington. “When reaching out to other similar organizations, a connection with the CMHA Waterloo Wellington Branch shared their positive experience over many years with Coyote” – Bill Burrows, CMHA Manitoba Winnipeg.

Prior to the implementation, CMHA MW program managers and staff were spending a significant amount of time gathering data from multiple formats to generate their reports. When looking forward to using CaseWORKS, Bill noted “From what I have seen so far, there are many possibilities with the reporting features in CaseWORKS – my hope is that we will eliminate or greatly reduce the time our managers spend on our core reports.” Another key piece that drew CMHA MW to CaseWORKS was the system’s flexibility and scalability, “knowing that the platform will be able to adapt over time as we continue to grow and change gives us a certain piece of mind.”

“Knowing that the platform will be able to adapt over time as the we continue to grow and change gives us a certain piece of mind.”

Implementing a new case management solution is an investment in time and resources for any organization. With their implementation currently underway, one of the initial concerns was the impact such a large change would have on their operations, “any change, positive or negative, can be stressful and this will be no different” says Bill. However, as the project moves forward, CMHA MW feels that Coyote has been excellent to work with, “The project charter and work plan are very comprehensive and we have, to date, been on schedule. Any questions that I have had have been answered promptly and thoroughly.”

“From the outset, it was very clear CMHA MW knew what they were looking for and that CaseWORKS would be a great fit. We’re excited to add another mental health service provider to our user base and for the perspectives their team will bring to our software.” – Mike Doutre, Director of Customer Experience, Coyote Software Corporation.

When asked what CMHA MW is looking forward to, Bill says “I am encouraged by the experience of the CMHA office in Ontario and their long-term relationship with Coyote.  I am looking forward to a long-term connection that will continue to meet both of our needs over time.”

According to Mike, “Coyote always aims for a partnership approach with our clients. For us its not just about a good fit from the start, we want our software to grow with our clients and to continue to meet their needs as they change over time.”

About CMHA Manitoba and Winnipeg

Based in Winnipeg, CMHA Manitoba and Winnipeg’s mission is to honour and promote the mental health of all Manitobans and to support individuals who experience mental illness and addictions issues to achieve recovery and well-being within healthy and supportive communities.

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About Coyote Software Corporation:

Coyote Software Corporation is an industry-leading provider of case management software solutions for health and social service organizations. In addition to CaseWORKS and applications designed to enable efficient case management and service delivery, Coyote Software offers a full range of software development, business consulting and systems integration services tailored to the unique needs of organizations supporting communities through the delivery of health and social services.

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