John Howard Society Peel-Halton-Dufferin Implementing CaseWORKS with Coyote Software

Coyote Software Corporation is excited to announce an implementation project with the John Howard Society of Peel-Halton-Dufferin (JHSPHD). JHSPHD was looking for a more efficient case management application to replace their current system and has chosen Coyote’s CaseWORKS. Like many organizations, they need to demonstrate their services are making an impact and with funders looking for comprehensive and complex demographic and service trend reports, CaseWORKS came across as the best fit.

“In order to grow and achieve our vision for the future, JHSPHD needs to modernize. Simply counting the number of people who walk through the door is a thing of the past. We need to know who our clients are, what services they are using, and how they compare to current municipal, regional, provincial, and federal research.” – Kara Hart, Manager – Bail Program, JHSPHD.

“We liked that Coyote was local and it was clear from the beginning that Coyote has a keen understanding of non-profits and the needs/barriers associated with being a publicly funded/charitable organization.”

“One-click statistical report generation will save staff up to two weeks of manual work and calculations.”

Kara also noted that the JHSPHD’s service area is spread across a huge geographical area and with an increasingly mobile staff, they were looking for a system that could ensure privacy standards are met regardless of where staff are working. “CaseWORKS will allow us to provide seamless case management no matter which office our clients attend.”

“Service coordination and data collection is a challenge for a lot of organizations, especially when they’re spread across multiple locations or communities. We’re proud of CaseWORKS because it helps organization connect everything in a secure way and makes sure they’re able to collect all the information they need to support their clients” – George Evink, Product Development Manager, Coyote Software Corporation.

Coyote Software developed CaseWORKS to help organizations deal with the complexities of case management in health and social service scenarios. Organizations with multiple funders and services, large volumes of clients, staff spread out across communities or with lots of documentation benefit from having one solution to coordinate everything and capture all the necessary data.

“We’re looking forward to this project with the John Howard Society of Peel Halton Dufferin. Anytime we get to work with an organization moving from older or paper-based systems it’s great to see the kind of impact our system can have” George Evink.

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