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Move to an efficient paperless client file system without losing existing hardcopy documents. Coyote Software’s ScanWORKS was designed to consolidate all paper documents into electronic files accessible from a centralized location.

Transform all paper records into an organized electronic system that makes any case-related document easily accessible.

ScanWORKS transforms all paper records into an organized electronic system that makes any case-related document easy and quick to find.

“Our relationship with Coyote is truly a collaboration. It’s not Customer-Vendor, it’s a partnership. They’re very invested in making us successful, and we’re invested in helping them make their products better. They’ve developed an extensive customer base in this sector, and they have that inherent knowledge of how the sector works, and what we need to succeed.”

Merideth van Oene

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Fully Integrated

ScanWORKS fully integrates with CaseWORKS and FormWORKS connecting all historical documentation with client files and all intake/registration forms.

Centralize Document Storage

With the incorporation of digitized documents into the client file, Case Managers have access to the complete history of their clients all in one place.

Fully Auditable

Digitized documents also become fully auditable, allowing organizations to monitor access to the client files.

Easy Document Searching

Finding client files and historical documents is quick and easy.

Add Notes and Redact Text

Add electronic notes, redact information and perform other modifications to uploaded documentation.


Access client information and uploaded documents anywhere with ScanWORKS.

Ensure Confidentiality

Set privacy levels and permissions to ensure confidential information remains private.

Reduce Paper Files

Eliminate the need to create and maintain paper files.

Simplify Backups

Centralizing the documents allows for regular data backups to protect the electronic documentation.

Hear how Coyote’s Integrated Case Management Solutions Have Been Implemented

Reduce the number of steps required to collect, store and share information.

Less time recording data means more time for your front-line staff to do what they do best – more and better service delivery. Contact us for more information about CaseWORKS, or to book a demonstration for your agency.