Screening and Assessments

Revitalize intake and registration processes with automated screening and assessment tools integrated directly with your case management system.

Improve wait times, approvals and coordination between programs.

Providing front-line staff with electronic screening and assessment tools eliminates unnecessary time spent doing double-data entry while also ensuring that clients are supported appropriately based on their needs and program requirements.

“Where we were struggling before was that whenever we did an assessment, it would be a paper file, and all the information gets kind of lost in the system. But now, all assessment information is collected in one spot and we know where to find it in a hurry. That speeds up not only our data collection, but also our data integrity checks.”

Norman Clarke

Native Child and Family Services of Toronot

Simplify Intake

Streamline and simplify client intake with automated screening tools that can quickly notify appropriate staff, manage approvals and set appointments when applicable.

Save Time Managing Assessments

Workflow rules can be incorporated into the screening and assessments to trigger actions and follow-up tasks automatically.

Access from Anywhere

Web-access allows case managers and front-line staff access to the screening and assessment tools from anywhere.

Customized screening and assessment tools can be developed to meet any government, funder or internal requirements.


A custom interface designed to collect OCAN data

The OCAN interface, gives you the ability to fill out the OCAN forms on an intelligent e-form. The OCAN interface meets all provincial data regulations and offers all variations of OCAN data collection – Full, Core, or Core + Self. The integration also offers seamless submission to IAR.

The OCAN interface is also available as a stand-alone application or as an integration with CaseWORKS Case Management System.


Coyote Software’s custom interface for collecting and submitting addictions-related DATIS (Drug and Alcohol Treatment Information System) reports to CAMH.

All data required by the DATIS system becomes part of the CaseWORKS database and admissions process. The CaseWORKS DATIS interface will securely submit your DATIS reports to CAMH automatically. 

interRAI CHA

An intelligent e-Form developed for streamlined, off-site interRAI CHA data collection.

Community Support Services agencies can use the interRAI CHA tool to collect, validate and submit their interRAI CHA data. CaseWORKS interRAI CHA also allows users to work offline, off-site and import data into the system once back online.

The interRAI CHA interface is availableas a stand-alone application or as an integration with CaseWORKS Case Management System.

Custom Screening and Assessments

Contact us for more details about incorporating custom screening and assessment tools.

Enterprise-level case management software designed for health & social service agencies.

Generate smart electronic forms that become immediately searchable and reportable.

Coyote’s Solutions at Work

Reduce the number of steps required to collect, store and share information.

Less time recording and managing data means more time for your staff to do what they do best – more and better service delivery.