Custom Business Solutions

Coyote also has extensive experience designing custom software for specialized, often hard-to-automate service businesses. We have automated and streamlined the operations of companies in a variety of sectors, including retail, transportation and museums. Some examples of businesses that are currently operating on custom Coyote systems include:


  • George Weston Limited
  • Bata Shoe Museum and Bata Limited
  • American Eagle
  • International Clothiers
  • Norfolk Southern Corporation
  • Unilock
  • Budget Environmental Disposal

The diversity of our custom software portfolio demonstrates that our strength lies in our ability to learn, understand and meet the precise software needs of any workplace. We focus our efforts on understanding the true processes and workflows of your unique business.  It’s a key factor in our approach to software development, and a key reason why Coyote Software is ideally suited to develop the custom-tailored system that will meet your business needs.

“Our relationship with Coyote is truly a collaboration. It’s not Customer-Vendor, it’s a partnership. They’re very invested in making us successful, and we’re invested in helping them make their products better.”

Merideth van Oene

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