Good Software Supports Your Workflow – Great Software Improves it.

Easily store, retrieve and share important documentation regardless of the location. ShareWORKS brings together all of an agency’s administrative forms in one place. Documents for the Board of Directors, Finance, HR and administration departments can be consolidated into one convenient location for relevant staff to access.

Gain Control of your Documentation

Organizing all administrative documents into secure folders in a centralized location enables fast searching and retrieval of any historical documentation whenever needed.

“We feel like we struck gold with them. You can’t just create software. You’ve got to know the industry. Coyote has the healthcare experience, and they understand what we need.”

Anna Tersigni-Phelan

Canadian Mental Health Association

Fully Auditable

Digitized documents also become fully auditable, allowing organizations to monitor who has accessed the documents and any changes that have been made.


With the incorporation of digitized documents in a web-based system, staff and managers all have access to necessary files regardless of their location.

Reduce Storage Costs

Free up valuable space and document management costs with centralized electronic documentation.

Reliable Back-Ups

Centralized documentation simplies performing regular backups to protect the electronic data.

Easy Document Searching

Finding client files and historical documents is quick and easy.

Share Documents

Share documents for collaboration and approvals between different staff and locations quickly.

Hear how Coyote’s Integrated Case Management Solutions Have Been Implemented

Reduce the number of steps required to collect, store and share information.

Less time recording data means more time for your front-line staff to do what they do best – more and better service delivery. Contact us for more information about CaseWORKS, or to book a demonstration for your agency.