Supervised Visitation and Exchange

Schedule, track and report on your Supervised Visitation and Exchange program with CaseWORKS. Fully customizable intakes and comprehensive scheduling give you the ability to manage all facets of a Supervised Visitation and Exchange program including case management, waitlist and service pathway tracking, alerts, billing and reporting.


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Track Everything

Build comprehensive case files for each client and their unique scenario. Complete paperless intakes help you collect any information required for legal documentation or to meet any internal data collection requirements.

Save Time Reporting

Quickly pull information and statistics for reports or case requirements for legal proceedings. Run service summary reports, billing reports or custom reports for all data collected over a specific time period or from individual client records.

Manage Billing

Manage complex billing for clients and 3rd party payers. Incorporate custom billing into service schedules to automatically generate invoices  and receipts. Easily customize payment plans and track payments.

Simplify Scheduling

Comprehensive functionality helps coordinate all aspects of scheduling for Supervised Visitation and Exchange programs.


  • Generate staggered session timing to avoid parental contact during visitation or exchanges
  • Record attendance and participants of visits
  • Coordinate staff schedules and resource booking
  • Automatically generate billing per scheduled visit
  • Schedule a series of visitation or exchanges with the Schedule Wizard

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