Information, Process & Policy Evaluation

Focusing on the quality of data your organization is collecting and how it’s managed is critical to ensuring your core services are meeting their objectives. Incorporating thoughtful review of your processes of data collection, management and reporting can provide insights to understand if you’re organization is meeting its strategic objectives and what actions are needed to improve.

Uncover the trends, patterns and hidden details of your daily operations that provide valuable insights and opportunities for improvement.

Coyote’s Information, Process and Policy Evaluation will create a roadmap for ensuring service delivery and overall process meet the needs of the organization whether that means finding efficiencies, meeting requirements for accreditation or looking for opportunities to change workflows.

“We feel like we struck gold with them. You can’t just create software. You’ve got to know the industry. Coyote has the healthcare experience, and they understand what we need.”

Anna Tersigni-Phelan

Canadian Mental Health Association - Waterloo Wellington

Data Quality Assurance and Reporting

Receive a complete analysis of your current data entry and reporting practices as well as a list of recommendations for improving the overall quality of your data collection leading to more and better statistical reporting.

Accreditation Preparation

Understand the technological requirements for any accreditation you are pursuing, the potential implications to your workflow and a step-by-step look at what is needed to ensure you are prepared to meet those requirements.

Program Evaluation and Planning

Obtain realistic measurements of your progress. With the aide of clinical program planning experts, the Program Evaluation and Planning service will provide a plan to improve outcome measurement and modify your data collection enabling you to get a better picture of the effectiveness of your core services.

Workflow Analysis and Redesign

Create detailed workflow diagrams that reveal the ways that things get done in every area of your organization.

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