CaseWORKS Application Supports Front-Line Workers

Coyote Software builds tool to support CMHA WW provide mental health supports to front-line health workers during COVID-19

As social service organizations are busy developing and executing plans to enable service delivery while minimizing face-to-face contact with clients, CMHA Waterloo Wellington (CMHA-WW) recognized the need for mental health supports for front-line health workers in the Waterloo Wellington area. Many of the doctors, nurses, social workers and other front-line health workers responding to the COVID-19 pandemic need a way to access the community’s mental health resources quickly, and confidentially.

CMHA-WW determined that an electronic referral tool that front-line health workers could access would help direct people to the assistance they need while maintaining the highest level of privacy. CMHA-WW’s Chief Privacy Officer, Anna Tersigni Phelan, reached out to Coyote Software to see if there was a way to leverage their existing systems to incorporate a self-referral tool that front-line health workers could use to reach out remotely and access support from the various providers in the community. CMHA WW and Coyote Software have been working together since 2004, “They turned on a dime to have the tool available within days” says Anna.

They turned on a dime to have the tool available within days.

Coyote Software was able to incorporate the front-line referral tool into their CaseWORKS Case Management System framework, enabling users to complete a short online form and submit it securely to CMHA-WW. Once the form is submitted electronically, CMHA-WW receives the notification and can begin to connect the person with the relevant internal and external community resources. Requesters will receive a response within 24 hours and be directed to support services without requiring any face-to-face meetings. Using this tool, front-line health workers will have a quick way to access mental health and addictions supports with CMHA-WW helping to navigate the resources available – this could include having a counsellor assigned, brief services or a referral to internal and/or external psychiatry. Importantly, this referral tool ensures that the referral can be provided completely virtually, eliminating the need to visit the services in person.
A key priority for the solution is that it needs to maintain the privacy of the person requesting support. Using the CaseWORKS framework, the referral tool is able to limit the amount of people with access to the support request to only the people necessary for providing the service. Anna says “A big reason we could do this with Coyote is because we didn’t have to worry about the privacy piece, it’s already there.”
Coyote is really excited to incorporate this project into our CaseWORKS solution. George Evink, product development manager at Coyote Software, “We’re excited CMHA-WW reached out to us about this. We see this as a great way for us to build something that meets a real need in the community right now and to help fast-track the support for people that are essential during this pandemic.”

While not developed expecting the current COVID-19 pandemic, CaseWORKS continues to meet the needs of our clients during this time. As new needs and service delivery challenges arise, contact us to discuss how our technology can enable solutions for you.

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