Chippewas of the Thames First Nation Implementing CaseWORKS for Child and Family Well-Being Services

Coyote Software Corporation is excited to announce a new CaseWORKS implementation project with the Chippewas of the Thames First Nation Social Services Department. The Child and Family Well-Being Services in their Social Services Department were looking for a case management system to help their department move towards capturing information in a more efficient way.  

The Child and Family Well-Being Services needed to move to a solution that would help their workers track and access information in order to provide their families with better service. “The Nation is moving towards capturing data in a more efficient way and the department had gaps in terms of how and what data is collected – workers would have to call in to the office to ask for information on clients and providing statistics meant combing through paper files.” – Danielle Grosbeck, Family Support Coordinator.

Danielle is excited for how CaseWORKS will help the workers provide better service for the community, “being able to see the relationships in the system, the historical knowledge, helps put everything in context so we can create the appropriate plan of care for families.”


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Workers will have access to the information they need to do their jobs more effectively. The team will also be able to track and provide statistics on a lot of information they didn’t have access to before.

Coyote Software is looking forward to working with the Child Well-Being and Band Representatives, “They’re doing such important work for their community. We’re glad we connected and that CaseWORKS is a good fit for their needs.” – George Evink, Product Development Manager.

Coyote has been implementing CaseWORKS at organizations like Chippewa of the Thames First Nation Child and Family Well-Being Services for over 15 years. Whether they’re child welfare agencies, family services, mental health, addictions or any type of case management agency, they’re all approaching Coyote Software with the same issues: relying on paper files for everything, spending too much time generating statistics and reports, managing complex case files and coordinating staff and services.

“We talk to a lot of organizations looking to transition from paper files, they all want something to help them work more efficiently while still meeting the needs they have for supporting clients and collecting information for funders or stakeholders – CaseWORKS was made for this.” says George.

Coyote Software developed CaseWORKS to help organizations deal with the complexities of case management in health and social service scenarios when there are multiple funders, multiple programs or large volumes of clients.


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