Coyote Software Excited to Implement CaseWORKS with Central Visitation Program

Coyote Software Corporation is excited to announce a new CaseWORKS implementation project with Central Visitaiton Program (CVP). Central Visitation Program, a Supervised Visitation service provider, sought a robust case management solution for managing visitation services at their five Colorado locations. 

“Central Visitation Program knows that moving to CaseWORKS will improve efficiencies for both our staff and our clients.” – Brad Wood, Executive Director CVP.

CVP needed a solution that allowed secure access across their multiple locations, streamlining the scheduling and program coordination. “We had been exploring online systems for about a year – nothing we had seen was robust enough to handle the complexities of the services we provide until we saw CaseWORKS.”

Nothing we had seen was robust enough to handle the complexities of the services we provide.

In addition, CVP is excited that having electronic case files will help reduce the amount of paper they go through.

Agencies across the health and social service sector have been approaching Coyote Software for assistance with the same issues: staff wasting time re-entering data into multiple systems, complex billing scenarios not tied to case files, challenges connecting comprehensive client intakes with funder reporting and coordinating resource scheduling with visitation and staff scheduling. 

“We are coming across more organizations looking for solutions that can integrate their scheduling, case notes, service details, complex billing scenarios and case management information under one system. CaseWORKS was built for this.” – George Evink, Product Development Manager, Coyote Software Corporation.


Coyote Software developed CaseWORKS to help organizations deal with the complexities of case management in health and social service scenarios when there are multiple funders, multi-service scenarios or large volumes of clients.


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 About Central Visitation Program:

Central Visitation Program is a low-fee supervised visitation program that provides a safe and comfortable environment in which children and non-residential parents may visit. The parenting time is supervised by volunteers and allows children the opportunity to develop a meaningful relationship with the non-residential parent that might not otherwise be possible. CVP provides services for supervised parenting time at their locations and for people who are seeking supervised exchanges.

About Coyote Software Corporation:

Coyote Software Corporation specializes in providing software solutions to health and social service organizations. We offer a full range of software development, business consulting and systems integration services tailored to the unique needs of organizations supporting communities through the delivery of health and social services.

Reduce the number of steps required to collect, store and share information.

Less time recording data means more time for your front-line staff to do what they do best – more and better service delivery. 

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